Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Why I failed?

It may be surprising that I already regard my MBA application process as failure because I applied or will apply 7 schools and got only one ding so far. I believe only I can decide if the process is success. Admitted/WL/Ding is just a decision by a school and must be not much meaning itself. It was highly depending on luck.
MBA application process

The most influential and exciting part of my MBA application process was an inrterview though I complained it just five minutes ago. As a Japanese, I did not have many experiences that I saw attractive MBA alumni. This means some almuni are pretty attractive but others don't and the ratio of attractive people is the same as any other group I joined. However, my [only one so far] interviewer was really impressing. I have never experienced just an hour conversation inspired me as such. I prepared for more than six months but I believe it was worth because I saw him. I would like to contact him wheter or not I will attend a business school.
My Weekend Schedule

Today I was noticed that my interview with alumni of a MBA school would conduct this Saturday. I requested the school's mandatory interview one month ago and havn't reminded him because I, In fact, am already tired up of Business School Admissions process. If he hadn't responded me, I would not applied the school. After the interview, I should start another set of essays, which I believe I would rarely be admitted due to the last round.

Next weekend, I will attend my colleague's wedding ceremony. It must be enjoyable except for the fact that I will have to play a roll in a drama. I like to perform a play but it is a different issue that I regard it as troublesome beforehand.

The weekend of two weeks later, I will go abroad with my wife. I like to go to a casino, drink wine, and enjoy western food. If a business school offers an interview, my trip will most likely clash with the interview date. However, I already decided to take an option of traveling.

Monday, February 03, 2003

Why do I start this site?

I'm about to begin my first homepage. Thanks to Blogger, I don't need to pay much attention on web site's design, and hosting cost.

This year my life will change drastically. I may travel for more than three months and change my job and living country. I hope this weblog serves my future as a record of current layers of myself.